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Over 500 SOLD and new features

Posted by Jimmy Stack on June 19, 2015 at 1:30 PM

From the OT website.

+500+ ELF's Sold! And Counting...


Through hills and valleys across 1 million miles there are now over 500 ELF owners in the world helping to ensure a healthier planet and healthier people. Thank you for believing in us and spreading the word about the most efficient vehicle on the planet!

++One Handed Seat Adjustment

You’ve been asking for it and is now available for all new sales of ELFs.


This slick, super light weight adjuster quickly and easily gives full seat range with one hand. Perfect for easy exits and entrance into your ELF, quick change for different riders and more room for passengers. This is also a huge improvement for those with physical disabilities.


+++Introducing The ELF UPDrive!

The UPDrive technology is a result of 1 million real world road miles.


Built on the platform of the most efficient vehicle, the UPDrive delivers unequaled cycling performance with smoother torque, uninterrupted acceleration, quicker response and lower maintenance.


All of the key driveline components: motor, transmission and battery are lower and as far forward as possible. Results are a dramatic decrease in unsprung weight, lower center of gravity, fewer moving parts, more precise handling and maximum efficiency. Less driveline friction means lower maintenance and longer part life. All newly built ELFs have the UPDrive. Experience it for yourself!

++++ Get one NOW

Supercharged Solstice Sale!

A Special Deal For New ELF Purchases


For a limited time, we’re offering a free battery upgrade for your ELF – a high quality 15amp hour Lithium-ion battery pack. We’re also adding in an upgraded rear disc brake for free. That’s a cost savings of $550 for the most efficient vehicle on the planet! Call us to order your ELF today.

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